Think you know where the best pizza is? You might be surprised.

Photo by Diana Delucia

If you were to guess where to find the best pizza in the United States, you would think New York. Surprisingly, New Haven, Connecticut is in the running, and locals and visitors have claimed that this town tops the list as the best pizza in the U.S.A. This Connecticut region is home to the famous ‘apizza’.

What is Apizza?

Apizza is a classic Neopolitan-style pie. It is known for being imperfectly shaped and even considered plain for most pizza lovers. Apizza is commonly topped with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano and a sprinkle of pecorino Romano cheese. The cheese is minimal, and rarely includes mozzarella. The crust is thin and crispy; almost charred on the outside, but chewy on the inside due to the high heat temperatures in a coal-fire oven. New Haven apizzas are also commonly available as a “white pie,” which has an East-Coast touch of garlic and clams instead of traditional Italian toppings.

Photo by Diana Delucia

History of New Haven Pizza

Although apizza has recently received more national attention, locals have enjoyed it since the 1920s. Frank Pepe created the Naples-influenced pie when he immigrated from Italy to America and opened Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, known as Pepe’s. About a decade later, Sally, his own sister, opened another pizzeria using a very similar recipe. Today, Pepe’s and Sally’s are two of the most popular pizzerias in Connecticut, with original recipes and traditional décor that is out-dated but charming and nostalgic.


“I think that America’s best pizza resides in New Haven, CT. Deal with it."


New Haven Pizza Today

Since the opening of Sally’s and Pepe’s, other New Haven restaurants have picked up the tradition and helped to turn apizza into a staple for the region. In fact, New Haven has even been recognized for having the country’s best pizza by the industry’s elite. Chef Dave Chang, from Netflix’s Ugly Delicious, took to Twitter to make a bold claim about New Haven that might cause controversy among America’s pizza lovers. Chang said, “I think that America’s best pizza resides in New Haven, CT. Deal with it.

If you are a food-lover visiting or residing on the East Coast, make sure to add New Haven to your list of destinations. Keep the city in mind for your next pizza craving, which is likely right now after reading this article.

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