Chef Digest: Roy Choi

You probably have heard the name "Roy Choi" somewhere. Chef Roy has been hard to miss. He has been featured on top travel shows like Ugly Delicious and Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. Now he's taken to Netflix with his own show, The Chef Show, co-starring Jon Favreau. He has been named in TIME’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2011 and 2016. His culinary success has inspired new movements in the food and restaurant industry.

Chef Roy’s success in the restaurant industry started with his gourmet food trucks, called Kogi. This was before the gourmet food truck trend boomed before you could find every type of food on wheels in almost any town. In fact, Choi played a significant part in the start of gourmet food trucks. His Kogi trucks blew foodies’ minds, with a menu that featured “Korean BBQ to-go” with a Mexican flare, like Korean BBQ tacos and many other incredibly inventive plates. Over a decade later, you can still track down multiple Kogi trucks in the LA area and beyond.

Image by Kogi BBQ

Since the food truck craze, Chef Roy has also opened multiple restaurants. Chego! was the first sit-down restaurant following the food trucks. For those who don’t want to chase down a food truck, Kogi Taqueria offers Kogi food truck menu items in a brick and mortar location. This includes Korean-style tacos, burritos and more in an LA-atmosphere. The Alibi Room is a bar and lounge with a huge craft beer selection, classic and original cocktails, and a quaint outdoor patio that serves both Kogi and Chego! menu items. It's a pretty great spot if you want to sample a little of everything.

Aside from his Los Angeles locations, Chef Roy recently opened a restaurant in Las Vegas called Best Friend at the MGM hotel. The vibe is part LA and part Vegas. Choi is adding his name to an elite-list of iconic chefs who's restaurants are featured on the strip.

Image by Best Friend

There is no question that Roy Choi is a culinary leader. Chef Roy isn’t trying to impress anyone with fine dining, or bizarre menu items designed for shock-factor or Instagram. Any time you visit one of his restaurants, you can tell that he makes it all about the food. Why should it be about anything else?

Add all of Roy's restaurants to your To Eat List:

📍Kogi Taqueria


📍The Alibi Room

📍Best Friend