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Discover restaurants from those you trust most. Your friends.


A simple app for food lovers.

Do you have a lot of restaurants in your notes app? Maybe you’re over fake ratings. Either way, we are here for you. To Eat List is a restaurant app designed to help you remember the places you care about most, and discover new places from your friends. No star ratings. No reviews from strangers.

Your To Eat List moves with you.

Remember all of those restaurants you’ve ever heard about from friends, travel shows, or food blogs. Save your favorite places and those you want to try to your To Eat List, and with automatic filtering, your list adjusts during travel to highlight the spots to hit next.


Hello, is it 🍕 you're looking for?

We get it. Your friends haven’t been everywhere. So, what do you do when your on a business trip in Cincinnati and you want to find a good place to grab some pizza? Easy. Just tap your preferred food type and we’ll show you popular places around your location. 

Follow those you trust most, and discover the best hot dog from your friend in Chicago, the best slice from your cousin in NYC, or the best brisket from your college buddy in Austin—then with one tap, add it to your list.

Discover a new place.


Listen. Learn. Add to list.

This podcast is about restaurants, food experiences, and food culture. If you love talking about food, or learning about places to eat, this podcast is for you. Plus, OMG That Meal! works great with To Eat List. So, you can easily remember the places you learn about.

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